Texas Government Launches First-Ever One Page State Government Website

Recently, Texas government has decided to completely reinvent their website experience, and they opted for a one-page website.

Wondering why they did it? To make the website more user friendly.

They wanted to provide their citizens with a simple, secure and immediate access to government information and services, focusing on only the most helpful information that users actually want and need, allowing them to interact in a manner that is most comfortable to them.

The design is simple, elegant, user and information-centric, with images that celebrate the state's unique character, and a conversational tone that texans find friendly.

Having analysed years of analytics data, NIC - the company which developed and still maintains the website for the state of Texas, has been able to understand why users come to texas.gov, and according to that information, they redesigned the website.

A lot of unnecessary pages have been removed, obsolete and unused features of the portal were deleted, and thousands of links were manually curated and organised into a structured table format.

It all became a one-page portal with the following features:

Search: This option was programmed to deliver relevant search suggestions, related services and related agencies as a user types in the desired keyword. The idea behind this was to give users the ability to search “safely” within the boundaries of an official government website . This way they will not mistakenly click on unofficial, look-alike sites that may mislead them to provide personal information or pay unnecessary fees.

Find it: Accessible via the "Find It" tab, or a "More" button, this element was designed to replace dozens of pages of hierarchy and content by providing  the users with an organised way for them to sort and filter the data and quickly gain access to thousands of official government links.

Mobile friendly: More than a third of its visitors come from a mobile device, so this simplified, responsive design looks good on all platforms and provides excellent user experience to its users. Also, this layout allows for certain options to be activated, such as social media or maps, and images are styled so they are not burdensome to download.

Analytics-based Content: The main services and information that users are interested in, is readily available via clear, top level navigation and also grouped by topic in the horizontal sections of the long-scrolling website. Here's an example


CSS Animations. This feature helps users understand what is happening on the screen by delivering smooth transitions when they click buttons and open or close modal windows as they interact with the website. Here's an example with maps


New look and feel: Having users in mind, the designers have chosen beautiful images of the unique and interesting places across Texas, the language is plain and has a local touch, and typography optimizes readability and usability.

We also love how they've presented their social media. The updates can be filtered by clicking on the social media icon.

Having in mind that since the website was first launched in 2000, http://www.texas.gov/, has securely processed more than 247 million financial transactions and collected more than $33 billion, it is understood why the new website needs to be as simple and as efficient as possible and we think that the company behind the website did an excellent job by choosing a one-page website for its users.


Visit the Texas.gov YouTube channel for a guided tour of the new Texas.gov website, and let us know what you think



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